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Healthy Gardening Classes

Be Well is excited to announce the Healthy Gardening Series in partnership with UT Gardens. The goal of this series is to empower UT faculty and staff to take control of their nutritional intake Gardening can seem like an overwhelming task at first. However, with the help of professionals from UT Gardens UT Faculty and Staff will learn the basics skills necessary to easily grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home.

The following programs are free for University of Tennessee employees. Be Well sponsors the $35 registration fee. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited to 25 participants. 

Indoor Plants

Saturday, February 1st, 2020
Time: 1-3 PM

This class will give participants an introduction to growing indoor plants. Participants will learn how the presence of plants can help reduce blood pressure, improve mood, and create other positive health benefits. During the class, you will learn about several species of house plants and you will get to propagate several plants to grow at home. This class will be sure to help turn any interested gardener’s thumb green.



Saturday, March 7th, 2020
Time: 10 AM-12 PM
Are you looking for a way to relax? It’s something that many of us struggle with, but the good news is that plants can help! There is scientific evidence that just being around plants is beneficial for our mental and physical health. We can also use them for their healing properties in salves, medicine, and even tea. Join us at the UT Gardens to learn how to use herbs and essential oils to make a body scrub and relaxation putty to help ease your daily stress. 



April 18th, 2020 – Webinar
Time: 10 AM-12 PM

Elderberry is an excellent ornamental plant for your landscape. Did you know that Elderberry can help boost your immune system and fight the flue? Participants will learn about the health benefits of Elderberry and to take the berries and create an Elderberry syrup. Participants will get to sample an Elderberry syrup and also take an Elderberry plant home to grow.