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HealthyUT – May 2018

HealthyUT – May 2018

Wellness Warrior

The Wellness Warrior Award is given to individuals across campus who are nominated by their peers for leading by example and inspiring through action as they work to create a healthier lifestyle.

Kimberly Cox, May Wellness Warrior Award Winner, at the top of House Mountain with her Kids.

Kimberly Cox, May Wellness Warrior Award Winner, at the top of House Mountain with her Kids.

The Wellness Warrior for May is awarded to Kim Cox, who is a Purchasing Coordinator from the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. She has been a part of the UT Family for 5 years. Her favorite hobbies include hiking, running, camping and playing with her children.

Kim’s family is what motivated her to make healthier choices and lead a healthy lifestyle. She says that her family’s decision to lose weight and set goals for themselves jump started her fitness journey, and that their support was crucial to her success. Kim explains that she and her family all joined MyFitnessPal to track their food intake and also purchased Fitbits to track their steps. Of course, a little bit of competition was involved when the Cox crew began to compare and contrast their stats and numbers to see who would get the most steps or lose the most weight, but the family’s competitiveness proved to be beneficial as Kim has lost 40lbs since her start last January! As one co-worker stated, Kim’s determination to keep moving has truly made her “a Warrior to be recognized.”

Making the healthy choice is not always the easy choice. To nominate someone who you feel is deserving of the Wellness Warrior Award please fill out a nomination form.

Move More

Move for 30 Minutes Every Day

The challenge for this month is to move for at least 30 minutes every day. Activities such as walking, jogging, running, and spring cleaning are all included, as long as you are moving!

Split up the 30 minutes of activity. During a busy day, walk for 10 minutes in the morning, take a few laps around the office or parking lot during your lunch break (5 minutes), and take a breezy walk after dinner (15 minutes).

No time after work to be physically active? Try setting aside time in the morning. Moving in the morning can boost your serotonin levels, increase your energy and blood flow, and can improve your focus and attention throughout the day.

Already moving 30 minutes a day? Your challenge this week is to increase it to 45 minutes and to increase your intensity. Walk a little faster, increase the incline on the treadmill, or add small sections of jogging to your typical walking routine.


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Eat Smarter

Mindful Eating 

The challenge for this month is to eat mindfully. Be aware of what you consume and note how the food item makes you feel. The key to be successful in eating mindfully is to avoid distractions such as TV, phones and computers while eating or snacking which may lead to overeating. Some tips to eat mindfully are as follows:

Focus on your environment. Enjoy mealtime at a table rather than in front of the TV or computer. Create an enjoyable and relaxing eating experience by setting the table and lighting a candle or two. This allows you to fully focus on what and how much you are eating without distractions.

Eat slowly. Enjoy the savory taste of the meal. Take a break by putting your fork down between bites and engaging in conversation.

Listen to your body. Stop and ask yourself if you are responding to your body’s need for food rather than an emotional desire to eat. Pay attention to your level of hunger and stop eating when full.

Recipe of the Month:  Cauliflower Hot Wings with Buttermilk Ranch Dipping Sauce

As the NBA Championship game quickly approaches, it’s only right if you enjoy some buffalo wings without guilt of consuming the grease, calories, or even the chicken! Try out this healthy alternative of buffalo wings that substitutes cauliflower for chicken for your next watch party. Oh, and another thing, the recipe is from Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors Point Guard Steph Curry.


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Be Mindful 

Mental Health Awareness Month 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in Tennessee and it is imperative that you take good care of yourself in all health-related aspects. An accumulation of anxiety and stress can be detrimental to your mental and physical health if it is not properly addressed and treated. Seek professional help if you exhibit any of the following symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD):

  • Restlessness or feeling wound up or edgy
  • Easily tired or fatigued
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Grumpiness or irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Sleep problems, such as insomnia

Additional self-soothing tips can also be beneficial to manage your anxiety and stress levels:

  • Look at a favorite piece of artwork or cherished photos, or take a walk in a scenic setting. Close your eyes and imagine a peaceful scene. Consider other ways you may enjoy to take your mind off worry, such as coloring in a coloring book.
  • Listen to a favorite song that inspires you or holds a special meaning. Sit near a fountain or a bubbling brook.
  • Smell the goodness around you. Take time to stop to smell the roses, literally. Breathe in fresh air or fresh laundry. Step into your favorite coffee shop or bakery to absorb the smells. Consider seeking out smells that will bring back pleasant memories. The area in the brain that processes memories is located next to the area that processes scents.
  • Taste a bite of gourmet dark chocolate, a sip of special tea or a juicy piece of fresh fruit.
  • Touch. Take a warm bath, wrap up in a blanket or snuggle your pet. Hug a friend.

No matter which path you decide to take, the most important thing is your wellness.


The HealthyUT Newsletter is a monthly publication where events, information, and resource to support healthy lifestyles will be shared with the UT Knoxville Community.  It will serve as our communication with our campus community as we try to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

 Be Well.