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Get Ready National Healthy Lunch Day

On Tuesday, September 19, The University of Tennessee will participate in the American Diabetes Association’s National Healthy Lunch Day. Be Well is encouraging all departments to participate in a Salad Swap. A salad swap is simply a pot luck lunch but with salads. Each person can bring their favorite salad items to share, and when put together it can make an incredible salad. The toolkit to setup the salad swap can be downloaded here: UT Salad Swap Toolkit.

Why is National Healthy Lunch Day so important? Most of us are uncertain about what’s best to eat, what’s healthful and what’s not. Often our food choices are full of calories, yet lack the vitamins and minerals that we need for energy and to feel our best. Our wellness goal is to promote good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, and help everyone make better food choices. To start, let’s do lunch—a healthy lunch.

Please make sure to bring a healthy lunch from home or encourage your department to hold a salad swap. Bring your favorite salad items to share and have fun with being healthy.

Be Well can also provide you with lunch boxes to use as incentives for participants of your event. If you would like to use the incentives, email Yusof Al-Wadei at with the number of lunch boxes you would like and when you are able to pick them up from the Center for Health Education and Wellness.

Here are few recipes to inspire you for National Healthy Lunch Day!

Eat Smarter for National Healthy Lunch Day.


Be Well,

Yusof Al-Wadei
Wellness Coordinator